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Special Valves

Even for very specific applications, we are sure to find the right solution.


Tri-eccentric shut-off flaps and adjustable flaps with MAGWEN Trimatic

It is an adjustable flap which – due to its kinematics – can be opened steadily and without a jerk, and can be shut depending on the moment. This leads to a decreased pressure on the packing system used, and accordingly extends the useful life of a device. This product is a so-called intelligent instrument.

MAGWEN Valve (tri-eccentric adjustable flap with free flow)

This MAGWEN Valve is a tri-eccentric adjustable flap which basing on its method of construction enables free flow of any substance running through it, with only very slight pressure loss. This instrument includes effective principles of three standard instruments (slide valve, flap and ball cock). This specific instrument is also suitable for substances which contain solid material.

Nozzle Check Valve

Nozzle Slam is a check valve engineered by MAGWEN. The valve prevents back flow of the medium in order to ensure safe operation. It is suitable for liquid and gases.
The opening movement can be self-operated through the use of a medium, which pushes the valve disc from the spring force. The operation is dependent on the speed flow and the respective pressure. In addition, the closing movement is assisted by a spring.
There are three possible patterns for the Nozzle Slam, short, long, and extra long. The seats of the valve can either be metal/metal or metal/soft.

Ball Valve-“Top Entry”

The opening and shutting procedure is acknowledged by a 90 ° movement of the ball. The snugness in the shut position between the housing and the closing component (ball) is realized by an adaptable, versatile sealing system. The Ball valve “Top Entry” could be repaired easily when installed in the pipeline. It has a self adjusted floating seat ring system with preloaded springs and automatic pressure relief.
It has a flanged ends and welding ends. It can easily to maintain without removal from the pipeline.

Plunger Valve

  • Different executions of cavitation reducers dependent on flow-/ pressure conditions
  • For high differential pressure and high flow rates
  • Avoids cavitation damage
  • Robust, no maintenance required
  • Extremely low headloss
  • Excellent control characteristic
  • Ventilate against cavitation

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